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Information on the examination period December 2018.

2018. DECEMBER 5. Hírek Erasmus

Hereby I am informing you about the examination period of the I. semester of the 2018/2019 academic year.


Examination period: 

Monday, 17th December, 2018 - Friday, 21st December, 2018

Wednesday, 2nd January, 2019 - Tuesday, 22nd January, 2019


The beginning of application for examinations:

from Monday, 10th December, 2018  continuously

The exams are being conducted according to the Code of Studies and Examinations of the University of Pécs (CSE) and to the Code of Charges and Benefits of the University of Pécs, which can be reached at the UP website:

Rules of attendance of classes and absences:  In accordance with the CSE for obtaining end of term signature of the registered courses depends on the student's participation of the courses as condition. The student who has been absent without official excuse from more than 15% of the taken classes of the particular courses can be condemned for absence, the lecturer shall refuse giving grade, rating and end of term signature to the student. For those whose absence reaches overall 30% (for any reason, with or without a certified excuse), due to the lecturer cannot be granted entry to examination.

The examinations are taking place at the buildings (A, B, C and D buildings, Vörösmarty street, Szepesy str., Mária str. and Rét str.) and for some other degree programs buildings of the Faculty of Humanities are available. Exceptions to this rule are only subjects in training, which in the case of the practical part of the exam cannot be completed in the faculty's premises.

The exact place of the exam can be found in the Neptun higher educational system (Neptun), to be viewed at the registration for the exam assigned to the exam day.

The exam is only for students who has registered for the exam, only students who are listed on the exam paper can participate! Without proof of identity the student is not allowed to start the exam!

The student can only sign up for new dates of the same course if he/she has uploaded the data, entry in the Neptun system (the grade or the ’failed to appear’). You can sign up for one course in time only on one exam day! Examination after the first day of the exam period and after the last day can only be strictly based on considaration of individual examination!

According to Article 33. (9) „If the student registers for the exam mentioned in (5) but he/she does not sit the exam the number of his/her exam chances in the exam period will be deducted by one. If his/her absence is certified within 8 days by submitting the certification which clearly confirms the exam date along with written request to the Registrar’s Office, and if the head of the Registrar’s Office accepts his/her request, the number of his/her exam chances will not be deducted, his/her absence must be registered as “certified examabsence” in the ES.” if not, must pay reimbursement fee.

You can retake, repeat a failed exam two times in the particular training period, the relevant exam can be redone twice. It is the student's own responsibility to ensure that for all his/her exams and occurrent repair exams (or improvement exam) will have date and place, and applying for them in time. To apply for the repair exams and improvement exams it is also possible through the Neptun system.

According to the Code of Charges and Benefits (Article 52) from the academic year 2016/2017 to retake the failed exam at the same course third time and every further attempt is not possibly without the exam fee payment. The exam fee has to be payed also if the exams are taken in other semesters. The student after the second exam of the same course, and before taking the third exam has to pay the exam fee at applying for the exam date, with transferring the fee or paying by credit/debit card or at the university cashier.


Counting the repair/retake exams the Neptun system also considering the student’s registered courses in the previous semesters.


You have to apply for the exam latest 24 hours before the exam, or rather resign, call it off 36 hours before the exam day.


Retake exam and other service charges

Third or additional exam of the same particular course, repeating final exam: 2500 HUF

Absence from the exam without a certified excuse: 2000 HUF


In addition to the above hereby I call attention to students started their studies in the academic year of 2012/2013 or later to the content of the Article 23/8. of the Code of Studies and Examinations:


„The appointed registrar shall terminate the student status of students enrolled in or after 2012/2013 if the number of retake and repeated retaken exams failed at the same course unit reaches five. Regarding this cause of student status termination the second exam taken at one course unit qualifies as a retake, the third and every further attempt (including the Dean’s chance as well) as a repeated retake exam even if that was the first exam at one course unit in a given semester. The day on which the student status at a given major shall be terminated this way is the day the decision on termination by the first instance is made.”


Applying for the exams of the courses can be done at the website

There is internet access in each building of the Faculty.

If you could not apply for the announced exam please contact Neptun at

Please note in case of any technical issues write your problem of applying for the exam – with its exact name and date – prior 24 hours of the exam to the Email address: without this you cannot participate at the exam, if you do so, that exam will be invalid.


Please check your EHA/NEPTUN password validity in time!


Wising You a successful examination period,


Yours sincerely,

Head of Registrar’s Department