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Coronavirus emergency measure

10 march 2020 Hírek Faculty news

Dear Students,


Considering that the National Chief Medical Officer ordered a complete visiting restraint in all social and inpatient care institutions operating in Hungary from 8 March 2020 until withdrawal, University of Pécs has taken the following measures, which also affects the students of the Faculty of Health Sciences.

I would like to inform you that the University of Pécs has ordered the suspension and the 2-week postponement of all student clinical practice trainings involving the possibility of patient contact from the 11 March 2020 until further action. Please, from the above deadline, refrain from attending any clinical practice involving the possibility of patient contact. We will provide further information on how the practice will be replaced later.


The responsible Institute will inform those students who are not in direct contact with patients whether the clinical practice can be continued or not, but in the absence of the aforementioned notification, I request that you do not participate in clinical practice. In order to avoid possible misinformation, we would like to confirm that the above measures were taken for the preservation of the health of university citizens and patients, and we are not aware of any students infected with coronavirus or suspected coronavirus infection at the University of Pécs.


Of course, if there is any development in these matters, we will inform our students immediately.


Thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation,


Dr. habil. Oláh András
Dean, Associate Professor