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Anatomy I. Practice


Histology practice material


Number of Classes:

  • 20 classes


Place in the Curriculum: I. semester


Prerequisites and Parallel Conditions:

  • none
  • Parallel Conditions: Anatomy I. Theory


Course Requirements:

Regular attendance is expected at all practices. You will not be able to get the grade and complete the subject if you are absent from more than 15% of the classes. If you had a medical issue and show the medical documentation within 3 days the maximum amount of absence is 30%.

All the missed practices need to be made up for. This means that if you missed a practice you have to complete it on another time but only on the same week. Each week has different practice topics and there is no time for organizing another practice for a student who missed a practice. If students want to make up for a missed practice, they have to contact the teacher in a written form and ask for an opportunity to make up for the missed class.

You need to have an exercise book/manual for the practice course. During the practice you need to take notes and draw the figures and the teacher will check it on a weekly basis. If you do not have/use your manual properly, you will fail the semester.

At the beginning of each practice you will have a 10-question Practice Mini-Test in the E-test system. You can fill the test only once on the practice. If you failed any tests you can correct them on the correction date (you have one occasion for correction).

You need to reach 80% on the Practice Test to pass. You have to pass all the minitests in the semester to attend on the practice progress exam.

Once in the semester you will have a Practice Progress Exam. You need to reach 60% on the test to pass. If all the other conditions are met and you pass your Practice Progress Exam, the result of this test will be your grade.

If you fail this Practice Progress Exam, you will have one chance to correct it on the last week of the semester.


To sum up the requirements for Practice to get Practice Grade:

  • attendance on all practices
  • proper managing of the manual
  • passing all 10-question mini-tests
  • passing the Practice Progress Exam


Study Material:

  • Downloadable lecture material in pdf files.
  • Anatomy I Important Figures List, consists of the most important figures of the material.
  • In the preparation for each test, please pay attention to the proper spelling of the words/terms. In the test we can only accept the proper form of the terms.


Compulsory Literature:

  • Gray’s Anatomy, 40th Edition (ISBN: 978-0-8089-2371-8)
  • Putz, Reinhard, Pabst, Reinhard (2009) Sobotta - Atlas of Human Anatomy I-II.


Recommended Literature:

  • Sam Jacob (2008) Human Anatomy: A Clinically-Orientated Approach (ISBN: 0443103739)
  • Frederic H. Martini, Judi L. Nath, Edwin F. Bartholomew (2011) Fundamentals of Anatomy & Physiology (ISBN: 0-321-70933-0)
  • Hole, Jr. John W. (1993) Human Anatomy & Physiology, 6th (ISBN: 0697122719)


Course Instructors:

  • Gabriella Csernák, Subject Teacher
    Tel: +36-72-513-670 (605 extension)
    Office: PTE, Faculty of Health Sciences, Institute of Nursing Sciences, Basic Health Sciences and Health Visiting, Vörösmarty u. 4., II. floor, Room  A239
    Office hours: