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We would like to inform you that we are launching our information website, which will inform you about the Faculty’s measures related to the medical emergency caused by COVID-19.


Stay home and dance 2020.05.12.

2/2020 Dean’s Order on the detailed rules of digital distance education 2020.05.08.

Hygienic tasks of examinations 2020.05.06.

Stay home with Cotton Eye Joe 2020.04.27.
Just a little more dance at PTE Barni Sikter, student of the Faculty of Health Sciences involved even his family in the Music and dance course and created a great show with a dog, a lasso, and much humour
Music: Rednex: Cotton Eye Joe

1/2020 Dean’s Order on the emergency rules for the preparation, submission, referee’s report and defending of the specialization thesis/thesis/degree thesis/portfolio 2020.04.24

Donation 2020.04.9.

Important statement for our international students

For our international students from the faculty

Restriction on free movement

Dancing University Online 2020.03.27.

The resumption of distance education 2020.03.26.

Course regsitration and examination grade 2020.03.25.

One day break in distance learning 2020.03.25.

IT Directorate informations about Teams for Lecturers 2020.03.24.

Free online literature 2020.03.24.

Distance learning details 2020.03.23.

Professional practices information 2020.03.20.

TEAMS application training material for students 2020.03.20.

Registrar's Department administration 2020.03.19.

Coronavirus informations from the Student Union of the University of Pécs 2020.03.17.

Not to travel abroad recommendation 2020.03.17.

Spring break 2020.03.12.

General informations 2020.03.11.

Educational break 2020.03.11.

Coronavirus emergency measure 2020.03.10.


COVID-19 information from the UP

To view the recommendations and decisions of the UP Operative Response Team, please click here (HUN

Click here to download the action plan of UP (HUN)

To view the Hungarian Journal (HUN)

COVID-19 information from the UP (ENG)


Dear Students!


Starting on Monday (March 23, 2020), education will take the form of distance-education, which presents a major challenge for all of us.

We trust that together – staff, lecturers and students – we will be able to overcome the initial difficulties. Therefore, we are asking for patience and cooperation from everyone.

Our common goal is for our students to prepare for their exams. To do this, we are striving to provide all the necessary content and information through distance learning.

The timetable is the basis of successful distance education, which our colleagues are constantly uploading to the Faculty’s website. You can access it at:

Please note that classrooms indicated in the timetable and the label ‘home office’ is for instructors only. Our students are still not allowed to enter the Faculty buildings.


Wishing you effective learning!


Best regards,
University of Pécs, Faculty of Health Sciences