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Graduation Ceremony - Pécs, Széchenyi Square

July 9, 2021

Turn 2 at 13:00

After the establishment of the Faculty of Health Sciences of the University of Pécs in 1989, it issued the first diplomas in health sciences in 1993 at a summer graduation ceremony. The members celebrate the most important event of the faculty together with the newly initiated specialists in health sciences, sports sciences, social sciences.

The diplomas will be conferred upon students in a ceremonial event again this year in the historical centre of Pécs, at the Széchenyi Square, with which we would like to honour the graduating students who - after application - want to take part in the ceremony.

Although the emergency situation due to the coronavirus has passed, the event can be held with certain restrictions for prevention, in the interests of our graduating students.

During the organization of the event, we comply with the resolutions of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology and the PTE Operational Team regarding the award ceremonies.

Taking into account the provisions of the current legislation, each candidate can bring 2 guests to the (open) event venue, while the other relatives must be outside the event venue.

Important information for candidates at the ceremony:


Turn 2 starts at 13:00


  • Nursing and Patient Care (Physiotherapy)
  • Nursing and Patient Care (Nursing)
  • Nursing and Patient Care (Dietetics)
  • Nursing
  • Pécs - ápolás és betegellátás [gyógytornász]
  • Népegészségügyi
  • ápolás és betegellátás [dietetikus]
  • Egészségügyi gondozás és prevenció [népegészségügyi ellenőr]
  • egészségügyi gondozás és prevenció [védőnő]
  • ápolás és betegellátás [mentőtiszt]
  • ápolás és betegellátás [szülésznő]
  • csecsemő- és kisgyermeknevelő

In order for the event to run smoothly, please adhere to the following schedule.

Arrival of candidates, 11:00. Please arrive on time!

Administration, receipt of gowns:

First of all, please complete the administrative tasks related to the ceremony (eg: signing the diploma registration papers) in room D9 (to the right of the entrance) of the building “D” of the faculty (Pécs, Vörösmarty u. 3.).

A rehearsal will be held for the candidates at the Széchenyi Square at 12:20, where attendance is required!

For organizational reasons, we will not be able to confer the diploma upon those candidates in the ceremony who do not attend the rehearsal! Thank you for your understanding!



Dress code: suitable clothing for the occasion is required under the gown! Required clothing for ladies: suit or dress with closed (front and back) casual shoes, for gentlemen: dark suit, tie, dark shoes with laces.

In certain weather conditions, candidates can of course wear lighter clothing other than described in the dress code under the gown! The organizers will provide information about this on the day of the event.

Information on clothing and white gloves for candidates is available at:

During the event, a professional photographer will take photos of the candidates which can be viewed/ordered at (in both electronic and printed versions). The candidates will be notified by e-mail when the pictures will be available. Please sign the declaration required to issue the e-mail address upon receipt of the gown.

Return of gown

After the event, please return the gown and the accessories in room D9 of building “D” of the faculty (Pécs, Vörösmarty u. 3.) (from the entrance to the left and up the stairs).





Guests at the event

According to the current epidemiological regulations, 2 guests per candidate can stay in the event area (under the tent). Guests will be provided with a uniquely marked armband, which will be handed to candidates in Room D9 upon signing the diploma registration papers.

The venue of the event will be surrounded with a tape, where only the candidates, 2 guests per candidate with the armband, the organizers, the board and the teachers can enter.

Access to the event venue is possible after hand disinfection through the access points. Although the legal requirement to keep a safe distance is not in force any more, we will do our best to avoid overcrowding.

Additional guests (other than the 2 people with the armband) can follow the event at their own risk outside the venue of the event. The event will be broadcast live on a giant LED wall facing the south side of the square.

In order to organize the outdoor event smoothly and safely, please read the following useful information:

  • Guests arriving by car can find information on parking on the attached map. Please note that only paid parking is available in the entire area of the city centre, and that access to the historical centre of Pécs is only possible with a permit.
  • More information about parking (tariffs, useful information) can be found at
  • Information on how to approach the event by public transport and car can be downloaded here:
  • At the event venue, a tent will provide shade for the candidates and their 2 guests and, in case of bad weather, protection from the rain. It is recommended to have an umbrella and/or summer hat for relatives outside the event venue.
  • First aid patrol units provide services at the event venue in the organization of the Faculty's Institute of Emergency Care and Health Pedagogy, with the assistance of the National Ambulance Service.
  • In case of malaise, please contact the first aid patrol units, the organizers or the Ambulance unit on site.
  • Bathrooms are located in the faculty buildings about 80-120 m from the event venue (Mária u. 5-7; Apáca street block; Szepesy Ignác u. 1-3.) Accessible bathrooms are located in the buildings of Szepesy street.
  • Please note that taking photos is only permitted from the designated places.
  • In order to ensure the safety of the event, please leave the designated escape routes accessible and follow the instructions given by the organizers! If you have a problem, question or comment, you can turn to the organizers for help.

If you have any questions about the ceremony, please contact the organizers: