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Move together!

Dear Students!

Our faculty is highly committed to daily physical activity and sport in view of its health-promoting and beneficial effects, so we would like to encourage all students of the faculty to include any recreational or even competitive sport in their daily lives. 

We believe that regular weekly sporting activity cannot only help to maintain the health of our students in general, in terms of cardiorespiratory fitness, but also that it has a proven positive impact on general well-being and mental activity. 

Our faculty aims to contribute to our students' weekly physical activity by offering a course in Physical Education and Physical Culture. By completing this course, students can earn 2 credits.

Course name: Physical Education and Physical Culture I-II.

Lecturer in charge: dr. Csaba Melczer

The course must be taken by ALL first- and second-year students of a Bachelor of Medicine and Health Sciences degree programme (except for BSc in Recreation and Lifestyle).
Physical Education and Physical Culture I. course is offered to all first-year students (except for the BSc in Recreation and Lifestyle) and is included in the curriculum in the spring (II.) semester of the academic year.

Physical Education and Physical Culture II. is offered to all second-year students (except Recreation and Lifestyle BSc) and is included in the curriculum in the autumn (III.) semester of the academic year.

Students who have a certificate of regular sporting activity (recreational or competitive) should send the certificate to For them, the course is considered as completed with an accepted certificate. 
For students participating in competitive sports, only the valid competition license (with the athlete's full name and Neptun code) will be accepted as a certificate. For students participating in recreational sports, only the certificate form downloadable from the following link will be accepted: Certificate sample

The name of the course for them in Neptun is: Physical education and physical culture II. (for students with sports certificate)
For students who do not wish to take advantage of the certification option, we provide movement classes (e.g.: Circuit training, Football, Spartan training, Street workout, Basketball, Yoga, Pilates, etc.) which they need to take in Neptun.

The deadline for submitting certificates for this course is the last day of the term!  We cannot accept certificates submitted after this date.


Dr. Csaba Melczer
Lecturer, Head of Institute


Frequently asked questions

Who must take the course?
The course must be taken by ALL first- and second-year undergraduate students of Medicine and Health Sciences (except Recreation and Lifestyle Bachelor). Course enrollment is recommended based on the curricular grid.

Why is there a limit on the number of students on a course?
A limit on the number of participants is necessary because the capacity of the venues is limited. In addition, to ensure that the trainers can do a quality job, we must keep the number of participants limited.

How many instructor-led movement classes do I need to attend to complete the course?
Attendance at the sessions of the courses you are enrolled in is a student obligation. A student may only be refused a grade, a mark, or an end-of-semester signature in a course if they have been absent without valid excuse for more than the number of sessions specified in the course announcement. For full-time students, the supervisor shall set the acceptable rate of absence at 15 % of the total number of hours when the course is announced.
In the case of part-time students, attendance at all announced sessions is compulsory.
Students are also requested to discuss the acceptable level of absence with the lecturer at the first lesson of the course of their choice.

I'm absent, can I make up for the missed lesson somehow?
No substitutions will be made.

Can I be absent with a medical certificate?
Yes. The acceptable level of absence for full-time students is set by the course supervisor at 15% of the total number of hours when the course is announced.

The course I am applying for is full, what can I do?
Enroll in another course.

I am a registered athlete with an association registered by a professional federation. Can I complete the Physical Education and Physical Culture I and II courses?
You can complete the course in this case. You will need the following:Only a valid competition license will be accepted as proof for students who are involved in competitive sports. Please include the Neptun code in the email.

What should I do if I am not a competitive athlete, but I regularly go to a gym or club to do sports and exercise?
For students who are involved in recreational sporting activities, only the model certificate that can be downloaded from the link below is acceptable: Certificate sample


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