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As you surely know, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all the events, which required direct contact, are cancelled. In this also mentally challenging situation we would like to invite you to some activities, to spend your time wisely and also entertained at home.



The “PTE Digital Dance Studio” opens – You can choose from 16 dance and aerobics courses

The Dancing University, operating at the PTE Sports Office, opens its digital dance studio. Due to the unfortunate epidemiological situation, we decided to continue our courses in a whole new way and even new forms of movement are added to the ever-changing palette. Obligate closure often spoils our physical, psychological, mental and social well-being. But dance, movement, and music have a great impact on them. Everybody is free to choose from our 16 different types of dance and aerobics sessions: body-shaping dance aerobics, belly dance, hip-hop, Croatian, Serb, Macedonian dances, Kizomba, Cuban salsa, Latin freestyle aerobics, Latin dances, party rock and roll, show dance, senior gymnastics, sitting dance, two types of ballroom dancing and gymnastics.

Our instructors’ home videos can help you continue dancing and moving at home. Now the kitchen, the room, the garden, or even the garage can become a dance studio. The necessary objects are all those that can be found in an ordinary household, such as a mop stick, a fruit washer, or a chair. To keep the virtual community together, we also ask you to share your photos, short videos, or any other funny dance recording on our facebook page. This is how the PTE Sports Office and the Dancing University try to contribute to these days by ensuring physical activity and good mood together in this difficult time.


The point is, if you do not have to leave your house, please stay home and dance and move with us! Anyone who needs to leave their home should return as soon as possible and join the classes. Take care of each other!


You can watch the program’s promotional video here: PTE Digital Dance Studio


Courses can be found here: