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Voice of UP auditions

19 March 2019 Hírek Erasmus

Voice of UP first auditions are closed - 3 students from the Faculty of Health Sciences have been selected to the finals!

The 12 finalists:

1. Samuel Aboagye Danquah Dickson (PTE-TTK)
2. Alexandra Farkas (PTE-MK)
3. Zsófia Kotvász (PTE-MK)
4. Anna Kusnyér (PTE-MK)
5. Kata Tatai (PTE-GYTK)
6. Janina Zilai (PTE-ETK) 
7. Blanka Horvat (PTE-ÁJK)
8. Szonja Zoric (PTE-KTK)
9. Wang Panqi (PTE-ETK)
10. Boluwatife Olagoke (PTE-ETK)
11. Annamária Matyók (PTE-BTK)
12. Juliana Al Massri (PTE-BTK)


Congratulations to the students!