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ACADEMIC DEMONSTRATOR SCHOLARSHIP for the academic year 2024/2025

13TH JULY, 2024 Hírek Faculty news

Call for Applications:


Aim of the application

Working as a teaching demonstrator, students studying at PTE ETK will have the opportunity to see and experience the application of the professional knowledge they have acquired so far, and the duties of instructors. In addition, they help their fellow students in a more direct way and from their own experience to acquire professional knowledge and study material.
The teaching demonstrator position is for two semesters (study period and exam period).


Duties of the teaching demonstrators

  • takes part in the preparation of the courses at the assigned Institute/Department (practice, seminar, consultation, tutoring), as well as other educational tasks assigned by the tutor (appointed by the head of department/institute director responsible for the subject course, who is at least an assistant professor)
  • preparing a report on the performed tasks (on a monthly basis) to the Institute/Department
  • Requirement: 6 contact hours per week during the study period (practice, seminar, consultation, tutoring), 6 contact hours of consultation per week during the exam period, plus individual preparation time for the tasks


Compensation of teaching demonstrator activities

  • The student is entitled to a HUF 30,000 per month allowance based on a compliance verification.


Conditions of application           

  • minimum 2 completed semesters
  • full-time studies
  • active student status at the time of application and the applied semester
  • minimum a 3.75 GPA in the last 2 semesters
  • grade 5 in the concerned subjects (the student intended to apply for).
  • instructor's recommendation for the subject(s) concerned (intended to apply for). The instructor of the subject, the head of the relevant department or the director of the relevant institute can be accepted as a recommender.
  • user-level IT skills
  • submitting a completed application form (download here), CV, motivation letter
  • proposal of ideas about the subject(s) in concern - practice, seminar, consultation, tutoring - and how to implement them
  • if available: a portfolio showing the candidate’s professional activities related to the performance of the applied tasks (e.g. proof of previous high school academic competition results, university and extracurricular activities, vocational college, TDK activities) can be attached
  • good speaking and written presentation skills
  • empathy, good communication, direct contact with students
  • flexibility, load capacity,
  • up-to-date knowledge of the given subject, continuous improvement
  • availability (weekly during the study period and during the exam period)
  • devotion, reliability


It is an asset if the applicant has

  • previous successful demonstrator and mentor activity
  • active participation in the work of a college for advanced studies, Scientific Students' Association
  • experience in a conference presentation or publication
  • experience in Student Council (HÖK)
  • other recognitions, awards, certifications (HÖK, professional, sports organizations, public recognition, etc.) (communication, mentoring, training, IT, first aid, red cross, etc. training)


Applications must be submitted with a proposal from the Institute responsible for the course. The details of the applications will be reviewed by the Registrar’s Office.
The teaching demonstrator position is awarded for two semesters (one academic year).
If during the awarded period the student's weighted grade point average falls below 3.75 at the end of the semester or fails to complete his/her teaching work, the scholarship may be withdrawn on the recommendation of the tutor.
The application and all necessary documents must be sent electronically (scanned) to the Faculty's Registrar’s Office at In the subject field, please indicate: "Teaching Demonstrator Position Application”. 


Deadline of the application:  
July 2, 2024 (Tuesday) 12:00 pm

(applications received after the deadline will not be considered)


The applications are evaluated by the Faculty Application and Scholarship Committee.
Incomplete applications are not evaluated (e.g.: missing signature of the Supervisor, or Head of Institute/ Department), furthermore, academic, professional and other activities that are not verified with valid documents are not taken into account.


11th June 2024, Pécs


Prof. Dr. Pongrác ÁCS