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DEMONSTRATOR SCHOLARSHIP for the academic year 2021/2022

8 june 2021 Hírek Faculty news

Demonstrator scholarships can only be awarded to students who engage in appropriate educational, scientific activities, and participates in the Scientific Students' Associations Conference, and their average is more than 3.5 in the pre-application semester.

You must verify these with your supervisor and submit your application with the proposal of the supervisor and the Head of Department who is responsible for the education. Data for the applications are controlled by the Registrar’s Office.

The application must be filled in electronically (download it here), a motivation letter must be attached, in which the student describes his/her previous activities, results and goals, and a copy of the documents certifying the academic results, professional or scientific work must be attached (pdf or jpg). (The evaluation criteria can be downloaded from here.)

Content of the proposal:

The student who has won the scholarship is obliged to actively take part in the academic work (education) of the adequate campus and Institute/Department guided by a supervisor. After the scholarship is awarded, the Head of Institute/Department - with the involvement of the relevant supervisor – define tasks in a written form for the student. Every six months, the student must prepare a written report on the performance of the tasks for the chairman of the Faculty Research Committee on the basis of a form that can be requested from the responsible person of the Scientific Students' Association at the given Campus.

The Demonstrator scholarship is for 10 months; the amount of the scholarship is HUF 20,000/month.

If the student’s average falls below 3.5 at the end of the semester or if he / she does not fulfill his / her educational / Scientific Students' Associations work, the scholarship can be withdrawn on the proposal of the supervisor.


Regarding the pandemic situation, the application and all necessary documents must be sent electronically (scanned) to the Faculty's Registrar’s Office at In the subject field, please indicate: "Demonstrator Scholarship Application". Deadline for submission of the application:



June 25, 2021 (Friday) 12:00 p.m.

(we are not accepting applications received after the deadline)


The ranking is done by the Scientific Committee of the Faculty, with special emphasis on the professional performance at the Scientific Students' Association.

Incomplete applications are not ranked (eg: missing signature of the Supervisor, or Head of Institute/ Department), furthermore, academic, professional and other activities that are not proved by valid documents are not taken into account.

Pécs, June 1, 2021



Prof. Dr. Pongrác ÁCS