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Fundraising for healthcare professionals

18 november 2020 Hírek Faculty news

Dear Citizens of Faculty of Health Sciences!


We would like to continue to provide our colleagues and students working in healthcare with gratitude and support as we did last spring. We are organizing a charity project and we look forward to all donations.

What you can give:

  • coffee
  • biscuit
  • chocolate
  • candy and snack
  • cup-a-soup


Anything that can give them renewed strength in a 5 minute break to work tirelessly.


IMPORTANT: We encourage everyone to purchase separately packaged coffee products (eg Mokate 2in1, 3in1, own brand products by Lidl Hungary or ALDI Hungary), biscuits (belVita, Nestlé muesli bars), cup-a-soup products (Knorr, MAGGI) for safety reasons, so that health care workers do not have to share one package of any products.


Donations can be placed at the reception of Faculty building A (4 Vörösmarty street, Pécs) in Pécs.


 In the training centers also at the gates:

  • Kaposvár- 14/b Szent Imre street
  • Szombathely - 14 Jókai street
  • Zalaegerszeg - 33 Landorhegyi road


 We count on your support, because we can make it together!