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MANDATORY Physical Education and Physical Culture I.

25. JAN. 2023. Hírek Faculty news

Dear Student!


Our faculty is highly committed to daily physical activity and sport in view of its health-promoting and beneficial effects, so we would like to encourage all students of the faculty to include any recreational or even competitive sport in their daily lives. 

We believe that regular weekly sporting activity cannot only help to maintain the health of our students in general, in terms of cardiorespiratory fitness, but also that it has a proven positive impact on general well-being and mental activity. 

Our faculty aims to contribute to our students' weekly physical activity by offering a course in Physical Education and Physical Culture. By completing this course, students can earn 2 credits.

Course name: Physical Education and Physical Culture I.

Course registration period: 25 January - 15 February 2023.

The course must be taken by ALL first-year students in the first year of a Bachelor of Medicine and Health Sciences degree programme (except for BSc in Recreation and Lifestyle).

Students who have a certificate of regular sporting activity (recreational or competitive) in the spring semester of the academic year 2022\2023 should send the certificate to For them, the course is considered as completed with an accepted certificate. In this case, have to registrate just the theoretical (online) class!

For certified athletes, the deadline for sending the certificate for the course is 20 February 2023.

The deadline for submitting the certificate for the course for recreational sport activities is 08 May 2023.

For students participating in competitive sports, only the valid competition licence (with the athlete's full name and Neptun code) will be accepted as a certificate. For students participating in recreational sports, only the certificate form downloadable from the following link will be accepted:

For students who are unable to submit an athlete's certificate, attendance at the course is compulsory and can be completed online or in a mobile format (personal attendance). The online course will be available for 13 weeks during the semester in the form of 90-minute lectures via the TEAMS interface. Students on a correspondence course can only take the theoretical course. 

For our full-time students, in addition to the online course, we also offer movement classes (e.g.: Coaching, Safe Fall, Nature Walk, Street workout, Basketball, Yoga, Pilates, etc.) from week 6 (06.03.2023). Students who wish to take advantage of this option should enrol in an advertised practical class in Neptun instead of the theoretical (online) class. 



Prof. Dr. Pongrác Ács
University Professor 
Dean of the Faculty